Bad Arguments Against Anarchy: Inequality

A recent Facebook post objected: “Libertarians have a stubborn attachment to utopianism.” I initially passed it over, and it was eventually edited to state, “Edit: some libertarians have a stubborn attachment to utopianism.” Somewhere in this comments an objection to anarcho-capitalism emerged. A defense of anarcho-capitalism did interest me to engage, and I recount the … Read more Bad Arguments Against Anarchy: Inequality

An Easy Argument for Anarchy

This argument is related to the historical notion of secession and it comes in the form of a quote from Chapter 13 of Man, Economy, and State by Rothbard: It is all the more curious, incidentally, that while laissez-faireists should by the logic of their position, be ardent believers in a single, unified world government, … Read more An Easy Argument for Anarchy

Bad Objections to Anarchy: The Historical Objection

One objection to anarchy is the historical objection. “Anarchy has never been tried before, so it’s risky.” Or, “Anarchy is historically associated with violence.” These are two separate objections and we will cover both here. It’s never been tried before Yes it has! Even today, the vast majority of everything you do is voluntary, or … Read more Bad Objections to Anarchy: The Historical Objection

CryptoAnarchy Continues to Improve

CryptoAnarchy is the implementation of anarchism through cryptographic technology. Toshiba has recently invented a consumer-grade quantum cryptography network which even the NSA can’t hack. This is a major breakthrough in cryptography. Previously, the security of a network has been essentially determined by the relative strengths of the network’s computing power and the attempting hacker’s computing power. … Read more CryptoAnarchy Continues to Improve

5 Routes to Anarchy

In a recent post I discussed problems with seasteading as a route to anarchy. One problem I mentioned was opportunity cost. I argued that alternative routes exist to implement anarchy. In this post I will very introduce 5 routes to anarchy including a brief list of some of the positive and negative aspects of each. … Read more 5 Routes to Anarchy

Mendenhall’s ECON 410 Public Choice Final Exam

The text below is Slade Mendenhall’s ECON 410 Public Choice Final Exam. Check out his course material and website here. Great stuff! Instructions: Below are questions based on the topics that we have covered this semester. They are interpretive in nature, so while you should demonstrate knowledge of what was covered in the course, answers that … Read more Mendenhall’s ECON 410 Public Choice Final Exam

3 Problems With Libertarianism

Lauren Southern just released a video criticizing modern libertarianism. She’s got some points, but imo they mostly apply to the modern libertarian movement and not libertarianism qua libertarianism as an intellectual thingy. This article points out my three issues with the latter, but I largely agree with her points as well. I argue: Anarcho-capitalists are … Read more 3 Problems With Libertarianism

The Military Singularity

This article argues that a singularity-like event in the market for defense would be a watershed moment in the transformation of a mixed economy to polycentric governance. I won’t be calculating a date in the context of this article. One explanation for the existence of government is that government itself is the emergent output of … Read more The Military Singularity

Ed Stringham and the Information Puzzle

I recently began writing about my interest in The Preference Elasticity of Demand. This article argues that the Austrian School of Economics is a logical theoretical home for the theory of preference elasticity. I also discuss an objection the preference elasticity called the information puzzle. Ed Stringham is an Austrian economist and author of Private … Read more Ed Stringham and the Information Puzzle